Mistakes in the insulation of buildings

  1. Incorrect choice of insulation: using the wrong insulation for the specific needs of the building and local climate conditions can reduce the effectiveness of insulation.
  2. Insufficient insulation thickness: Too thin a layer of insulation may not provide sufficient thermal protection and may reduce the effectiveness of the whole insulation system.
  3. Improper installation of insulation: Improper installation of insulation materials, such as
    such as gaps, depressions or poor quality joints, can lead to thermal bridges and heat leakage.
  4. Ignoring airtightness: Lack of attention to airtightness can cause heat leaks and increase the energy demand of the building.
  5. Improper vapor barrier: An improperly placed or poor quality vapor barrier can cause condensation and mold problems in the wall.
  6. Neglect of details: Poor workmanship on important details such as windows, doors, skylights and joints with other building materials can lead to heat loss.

It is important that proper procedures and quality materials are followed when insulating buildings to maximize the energy efficiency and durability of the insulation system.