We are a company with European reach. We offer services in the field of construction, design, mechanical and electrical assembly, as well as pneumatic assembly, relocation of production lines and robot programming. We also produce equipment, logistic systems and electrical devices. Teams of our professional employees are probably also offering their services in Europe at this very moment.

Assembly work

  • Complex installation of new industrial production, robotic and logistics systems according to technical documentation, including mechanical, electrical and pneumatic installation
  • Mechanical modifications of parts of industrial equipment according to customer requirements
  • Qualified welding and metalworking

Relocation of industrial lines

  • Relocation of industrial equipment, industrial lines, separate workplaces and steel structures according to customer requirements, including disassembly, transportation and subsequent installation at the destination
  • Provision of transportation for relocated technologies to any location.
  • Mechanical modifications of parts of relocated industrial lines according to customer requirements

Wiring and programming

  • Installation and repair of low/high current industrial equipment
  • Electrical installations of robotic and automated workplaces and devices
  • Laying new wiring up to 1,000 V and over 1,000 V
  • Reconstruction and repair of electrical distributions
  • Programming of robots, robotic workplaces and automated lines
  • Measurement of control devices
  • A wide portfolio of works delivered together with project documentation in accordance with the agreement with the customer